Daily Prizes at Royal Vegas Online Casino’s JuneFest Promo

Daily Prizes at Royal Vegas Online Casino’s JuneFest Promo

Donte Pacheco
July 9, 2019 0 Comment

The Royal Vegas Online Casino is currently running a promotional through June, called JuneFest, where players can win many prizes like free entry into cash tournaments, special bonuses, free spins and lots more. They are also offering a ‘deal of the day’ every day from June 1 to 30. Several players have already won top prizes since the promo was launched on June 1, but there are still limitless opportunities for everyone who plays on their site with an account during the month of June.

With just a week gone by, the enthusiasm and prize-giving is showing no signs of letting up. On the contrary, players are even more excited about the upcoming offers, that will include freebies like free spins on slots games, several bonuses per player, reward points on their loyalty program, mystery gifts, gratis entry into cash tournaments for slots, and much more.

Once players log into their royalvegascasino.com accounts after registering, they will be given access to a whole plethora of gaming bonuses including daily prizes that will astound the newer players. Players will be able to access the JuneFest calendar, which will show them the deals for that particular day. Ignore the older offers as they will have already expired, and cannot be accessed once that has happened. The current day’s deals are what online gamblers should be looking at to see what’s in store for them that day.

The JuneFest promotional bonanza is intended to keep players coming back on a daily basis to check what’s in store for them at Royal Vegas Casino’s website – and come back they will! With all the goodies just waiting for the lucky ones who are persistent and log in every day for a while to see what they can win, it’s likely that the promo will achieve its objective and have players coming back day in and day out, if only to take advantage of all the free stuff that the site is giving away for regulars.

New players are also sure to flock to the site and make the best of the games offered online. The JuneFest calendar is easy to use and a simple click-through on a particular day will have instructions popping up on how each of those prizes can be won, and how to claim them.

Though JuneFest is a hot month-long event at Royal Vegas, it is not the last of their promotions this year. Coming up in the next few months are also Wimbledon, Olympics and Euro2012, all of which are designed with specific objectives in mind, not the least of which is to attract as many customers to the site as possible.

Royal Vegas Online Casino is part of the Fortune Lounge Group, which has a strong reputation of being a trusted entity, as well as offering high-quality graphics and fantastic gaming experiences for its many thousands of loyal customers. The attractive prizes and gaming options are spread out over all the games that the site offers, and will have people coming back again and again to take a shot at whatever they can win.